About MedAct Billers

About us

MedAct Billers are a group of individuals (experts) who have come together to provide solutions to Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers and Healthcare practitioners. We believe that suppliers and physicians are proficient at delivering healthcare products and services while we are pioneers in the art of managing their practices and have been doing so diligently with 20 years of industry knowledge and experience.

Our company was built with only one objective: assisting suppliers and doctors to manage their revenues better. We have been abiding by our intent and this perseverance has led our clients to have faith in us thereby making their preferred partner for medical billing and coding services to be MedAct Billers!

We do what it takes to get our suppliers and physicians their rightful reimbursement that is why we call ourselves an End to End service solution company. Our experts will consult with your current team and will assist them in identifying potential revenue leakages and contribute to plug those avenues.

How do we do what we proclaim?

  • Our experience in paradigm shifts enables us to foresee solutions that will help in optimizing healthcare services
  • We employ only the best in the industry to interact with you
  • We judge our service by only one criteria - customer delight
  • And process improvement is the key to what we do

We also offer:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Electronic Billing Setup
  • Data Entry Services, including patient and charge input
  • Supplier and Physician Credentialing
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Practice Analysis
  • Insurance and patient collections
  • CPT Coding and Reimbursement Analysis

Why Choose Us?

MedAct Billers is a company that is focused on quality. We have been offering custom made medical billing solutions to our associates for over a decade. Our targeted and result-driven services make us a natural leader in the healthcare sector and have allowed us to earn the trust of multiple suppliers and physicians. Our visionary approach keeps us ahead of our competitors because we are totally committed to providing you the best solutions in this industry.