Medical Billing Service Company

Our Proven Medical Billing Process is guaranteed to improve your collection percentages. The MedAct Medical Billing Process includes:

• Efficient, accurate and complete data exchange

• Electronic and paper claims processing

• Aggressive AR follow up and insurance collections, payment postings & EOB analysis

• Patient Statements and balance collections

• Monthly practice analysis & collections reporting meetings

Efficient, accurate and complete data exchange

Initially we ensure that the overall transition and implementation process is handled smoothly and efficiently. We will seamlessly migrate data from your current billing system or service provider. Then we focus on integrating systems and processes. We work with your staff to ensure that correct information is exchanged in a timely manner. We will work as closely as possible to do things correctly the first time so we can obtain the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest period. We have set up systems to facilitate a very efficient exchange of information. We will train your staff so that we can work as a team. Most Practices prefer a 5 Star team member to enter new patient information directly into our software from the patient intake documents. We double-check the data for accuracy and completeness before generating claims. Accurate and complete patient information is the first step to getting claims paid successfully.

Aggressive AR Follow Up, Insurance Collections, Payment Postings & EOB Analysis

Each EOB is audited for correct payment and/or benefits and credited appropriately. When necessary, immediate steps are taken to process and repair unpaid or reduced claims to ensure that you receive every possible penny. Checks are mailed directly to you.

We continuously track your net collection rate (the actual payment vs. the contracted rate) to ensure you are getting your fair share. MedAct will improve your net collection rate and your average collection per charge, which translates to more money in your pocket. Our goal is to help you get started or to help you improve your existing practice. Remember, if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. It is to our mutual benefit to collect the full reimbursement for services rendered.

Each month we work on the accounts receivable aging report. When a claim is not paid, we research and fix the problem and resubmit the claim. We will reduce your accounts receivable days outstanding, which means less of your money is tied up. We aggressively track, manage, and follow up immediately on all denials

Patient Statements and Balance Collections

We manage all patient billing including printing and mailing all patient statements and follow-up statements, and we handle all patient questions and calls. We audit for accuracy before we send statements to patients. We create clear, concise and informative patient statements to minimize the number of calls from patients needing clarification of their bills - fully customizable (summary or detailed format). We also write and mail patient collection letters.

Monthly Practice Analysis & Collections Reporting to Regain Control of Your Business

MedAct helps you unlock the insights and intelligence within your own data to help you run your business better. We offer complete reporting solutions, including customized and on-demand reporting. In addition, we analyzing your data and draw the conclusions required to continually improve your business. We run reports to identify denials or difficult payers and follow-up with calls and appeals. Reports include:

  • Instant access to accurate aging to know who is really delinquent
  • Collection calls
  • Follow-up and documentation
  • Appeal insurance carriers on delayed or denied claims
  • Medicare/Medicaid Credit balances - run report to catch monthly government credits
  • Refunds
  • MTD Summary all Visits, New Patients, Charges, Total payments, Cash Payments, Insurance payments and Adjustments.
  • Year to Date Report
  • Practice Stats Report
  • Payment report (by charges or payments)
  • Procedural Analysis Indicating Revenue Generated by each Procedure
  • Diagnosis Report
  • Claims Cost Analysis
  • Patient referrals / Referring doctors
  • Custom Report Generator: allows you to extract any information you need from the database

Remember, if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. It is to our mutual benefit to collect the full reimbursement for services rendered.